Really good questions Part III

  • “How do we make electricity?”
  • “Who put our eyeballs in?”
  • “Why do the police need to check your air?”



Random piece of information

Sitting watching television having a cuddle on the couch.

Toddler: “I like hamburgers Mum.”

Mum: “That’s great M. But why are you telling me that right now?”

Toddler: “Because I’m not sure you knew that and I really like them.”

Sauce licker

Mum: “M, stop licking the sauce off your plate!”

Toddler: “But I like sauce! And I like licking it!”


Watching TV when an ad comes on featuring a woman wearing a low-cut top.

Toddler: “She’s wearing her boobs!”

Mum: “Well actually M, you don’t just take boobs on and off. They stay on you all the time.”

Toddler: “Oh.”

A bit later, the ad comes on again.

Toddler: “She’s still wearing her boobs!”

The things you hear

“Mum, can you please put butter on my buns?”

All the birdies

Toddler, talking to herself: “… and the bird was flying and he did a pop off.”

Mum: “Ummmm, I don’t think birds do pop offs M.”

Toddler, indignant: “Yes they do! And they do wees and poos too!”

Dubious answers part I

Toddler: “Mum, do butterflies breathe?”

Mum: “Yes, they do M.”

Toddler: “How?”

Mum: “Through their noses. They have very small noses.”

BYO sense of humour

Toddler: “Mum, can I have some of these grapes?”

Mum: “Yes.”

Toddler: “Did you buy them?”

Mum: “No, I stole them.”

Toddler, blank expression on face: “Where did you steal them from?”

Really good questions I can’t answer Part II

  • Why do these prawn crackers feel weird on my tongue?
  • Why is fish meat?
  • Why do we eat steak and it’s a cow?

Crappy parenting part I

Mum gets frustrated with an inanimate object and has a small swearing fit.

Toddler: “Mum! You’re not allowed to say f***ing! If I hear someone saying f***ing at daycare, I go and tell the teacher!”